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Lexapro (escitalopram) could be suggested for clients diagnosed with misery and stress and anxiety that have to keep their signs controlled. This medicine is planned for patients of a minimum of 12 years of ages and is not supposed to be used for younger people because there is an opportunity of them establishing some hazardous wellness impacts. You should not take Lexapro along with any monoamine oxidase preventions, as a sudden and severe response could develop as an outcome of that. At the very least 14 days are expected to pass from the minute you took a MAO inhibitor last. If you develop any sort of mood changes or other signs of the kind - make certain you call your health care provider as quickly as feasible. Tell your doctor about any type of health care conditions you have actually ever been detected with, as this could be essential in identifying your dose. The following problems are supposed to be discussed: suicidal thoughts, a history of medicine misuse, liver or renal system condition, bipolar disorder, and seizures. If you occurred to take way too much of Lexapro and obtain signs such as complication, quick heartbeat, seizures, throwing up, coma, lightheadedness, sweating, and nausea, find emergency medical aid. Constantly take Lexapro precisely as prescribed.

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